Whether you work in fitness or strength training, exercise physiology, rehabilitation physiotherapy, Feldenkrais, yoga or Tai Chi, the Multimetric Balance Mat can assist you to manage the health and wellbeing of your clients.

Results from this new electronic balance assessment device can help you develop targeted programs that take accurate balance data from four different standing positions: normal, tandem, right foot, left foot. 

It’s simple. It’s quick. It’s easy.

How does it work?

Driven by MultiMetrix technology, balance data from the small postural adjustments a person makes to remain standing is displayed in the form of a dynamic graph and numerical rating or score.

Results are available instantly, can be viewed during the test and stored in an online score information system (SIS) or printed out on paper and kept on file for monitoring clients’ balance and health or fitness status over time.

Data collected is in the form of name, gender, year of birth, any known medical conditions or other notes as well as the graph and score. 

How does it help?

Fitness instructors

  • Help your clients gain a better understanding of their bodies
  • Identify balance weaknesses for tailored exercise programs
  • Benchmark individual scores against the scores of other cohort members
  • Get real-time feedback on balance ability in different standing positions, including separate results for each leg
  • Use the novelty value of this world-first Aussie Multimetric Balance Mat to create a buzz around your business and give you a competitive edge 

Healthcare practitioners

  • Get a more accurate, richer result than time-based testing alone
  • Use an objective measure to confirm your professional judgement based on experience, knowledge and observation
  • Design a research program and publish your results in the scientific literature
  • Be acknowledged as an early adopter of this new Australian technology
  • Position yourself as a balance expert
  • Generate more referrals from doctors and other healthcare professionals
  • Charge for the test or offer free balance testing as part of your marketing strategy
  • Boost the health and fitness of your business 

Further Information

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